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It's Our Tiku-versary!



Balloon mollies are fun, and I'm still growing out some of the babies from last year, but I just couldn't stay away from goldfish altogether. Last June (or was it July?) , they got another batch of baby tikus at the good LFS. Against my better instincts, I set up a tank for them and went for it, bringing home four, thinking that a couple would surely perish, and I'd manage to keep one or maybe two if I was very very lucky.

I'm as shocked as anyone that, 8 months later, all four of the little boogers are alive and well and haven't had a single illness or mishap. No ich. No floatiness. And most importantly, no inexplicable deaths.

I absolutely adore them and just couldn't be happier.


Once the balloon mollies are grown, I'm going to have a spare tank. Keeping my eyes open for baby bubble eyes now. :wub:


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Have you ever had one before? They're insanely entertaining!

I understnad why you love them :)  I have 2 of them and adore them!  They are hilarious and no matter how much my work day sucked I come home and cannot help smile when I see them.

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