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Going to redo the 75 gallon with dirt.

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Starting by draining remove all fish some going to the 125 with the goldfish for a few weeks. The ones the goldfish can eat well go to my 20 gallon. I will remove everything from the tank. Some plants going to the goldfish tank some in the five gallon. All the duckweed I can get out well go in the 20 gallon.

Then I am going to mess around with my large piece of driftwood to see the best way to put it in.

Once that is decided going to add dirt and gravel on top then fill. Add back some duckweed. Then do daily 100% water changes for about a week to get all tanning and such out of the tank.

First of Jan. I well replant the tank and start moving fish back into the tank.

Picture of tank as is now.


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