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Moving fish? Not moving fish? Rehome some fish?

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The plants are not doing well in the 150. The parrot fish had to be split up cause not enough room I believe. So thinking move the goldfish to the 60 gallon and 75 gallon. Move plants to the 75 gallon. Move oscars and parrot fish back to the 150 gallon.

Plan one

60 gallon would have four goldfish with rubber lip.

75 would have four goldfish, the upside down catfish and BN pleco. Or five smallest goldfish with the cats and put the BN in the 20 gallon.

Plan two

60 gallon the three largest with rubber lip.

75 gallon five smallest goldfish with the cats and put the BN in the 20 gallon.

Plan three

Or leave it as is. Move as many plants from the 150 to the 20 and rest to pond. Let the 150 be plant-less. And this would also mean I don't have to worry about reaching the bottom. This sounds the easiest and my fish stay in the living room.

Plan four

rehome oscars and parrot fish turn it into planted tropical with angelfish and shut down the 60 gallon and 20 gallon tanks. Hubby does not like this idea but I do most the work so it is up to me.

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