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Notes on 150 for myself.

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Luna now has blood on her tail and it is split. What ever it most likely were in there with the oscars. They were just imune to it from being in the tank so long.

I took Buttons out and added him back. I tested the water once again it is fine. (since this is not D&D I wont post them.) They are within range. So I am thinking either something was in the tank or the stress of the move gave them infections, Did a 30 percent water change anyways.

Have them all on metro meds and going to do 30% water change daily. The only thing is it takes a long time for fins to clear up so not sure how I well know if they are better or not. Maybe do 10 day metro meds.

So cleaned out qt tub and have it reset up for the Shimmer and Blinky. They well go there till I am sure this thing is gone in the big tank.

Fish are active and eating very well.

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You are going to want to do the full 14 days of MMs since you started them. Doing the full dose will lessen the risk that it comes back, as well as making sure you don't create a bacteria that becomes immune to the medicine.

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