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Icky Icky Ich!



A light outbreak of ich in the main balloon molly tank, and it's all my fault. I didn't quarantine our newest acquisition long enough. I think I've gotten so used to the mollies being generally healthier and less troublesome than goldfish, so I felt fairly confident about doing an abbreviated QT based on, honestly, nothing at all.

Now we have ich. :(

It's not bad, just a few specks on everyone's tail fins. I'm glad because I caught it in the very earliest stages. Have added salt to .2% and upped the heat to 83 (they were at 80-ish previously). Last round of salt going in tomorrow, and then we'll hold tight and hope this blows over quickly. Fingers and fins crossed!

Meanwhile, in the fry tanks, The Noodles continue to thrive. We haven't lost one yet, which is awesome and baffling at the same time. Still standing strong at 22. They're growing like little weeds and now know that my hands mean food. No more skittery behavior when I need to do something in one of the tanks. :)

Random pic, just 'cause I love my molly girls. This is Creamy, who's a lovely pale shade of yellow on top and bright white beneath, with see-through pectoral fins. Two of the 22 fry I currently have are from Creamy. :wub:



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