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They grow so FAST!



It's now five days since our gazillion (well, actually 20, but they look like 10 times that) balloon molly fry were born, and we still haven't lost a single one. Knock wood, etc.

As soon as Gem, the mommy molly to all these fry, is finished with her QT and moved to the main aquarium, I'm going to transfer half the fry to that tank, and will have two fry tanks going simultaneously. I want them to have maximum room to grow -- not that they're having any trouble in that regard. I swear they've already doubled in size in just 5 days.

I'm feeding them powdered flake food several times a day, and they also get defrosted baby brine shrimp once daily. I didn't realize how absolutely microscopic those baby brine shrimp are! It's just a pretty orange cloud in the water, and you can hardly make them out. But the fry go nuts when I feed them shrimp, and end up with beautifully round tummies about 15 minutes later.

The babies are extremely varied in their coloration, and I'm super-curious to find out how that changes as they grow. But whatever color they are, they all kind of look like sardines right now. Here's a side view of one of them:


Could those eyes BE any bigger?


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