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Ebb and Flow



So out of nowhere, my favorite balloon molly girl died on Saturday. She started swimming erratically, and an hour later she was dead. :(

It's four days later, and all the others are doing well. Water parameters were perfect at the time of her death, and I hadn't introduce new foods or anything unusual. This molly was one of my very favorites, a white-with-black-speckles dalmatian that my nieces had named "Dot."

She was hugely pregnant a week or two before she died, but never gave birth that I was aware of (I found no fry, and never observed her doing the about-to-have-babies routine the others have done). So it's possible that she retained the babies and was attempting to reabsorb them, which can be deadly -- and unfortunately, there's no cure.

I'm keeping a close eye on everyone else, of course, but haven't seen anything troubling. The three fry continue to grow and thrive, and the smallest of the three, the one born a couple months ago, is almost large enough to introduce to the main tank with the adults. If I get any new fry soon (a couple of the gals are super-preggers), it will be officially time for him/her to make the move.

Really enjoying these balloon mollies, in spite of the recent loss of Dot. They're super-engaging little fish, swarming the front of the tank in a little knot every time I look at them. They learned to hand-feed easily (even the tiny little 5-millimeter fry are hand feeding!) and are very very active and tons of fun. This little tropical detour I'm on has proved to be a fun one indeed!

Not one of my girls, but they look just like this.


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