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Oh, the carnage



So all 4 of the new tikus perished within the first 48 hours. Am I surprised? Not really, because that's pretty much par for the course for me with this variety of goldfish. And I wasn't the least bit surprised when I returned to the LFS to find that the rest of their batch of tikus (about 10 or so) had died on them, too.

Right now I have the tank running with an extra-heavy level of salt, to kill off the ich that these little boogers brought in (which naturally bloomed on them and became visible AFTER I had bought them).

I'm still debating what to do, fish-wise. Maybe it's time for a goldfish break. I could get a little posse of dwarf puffers, which is always fun (they're really interesting and interactive fish!). The only drawback to DPs is their size; they are seriously tiny and you have to stand right in front of the tank to appreciate them. I have my aquarium light on a timer that turns the light out about half an hour after I go to bed; it's awesome to lie there and watch the fish before I fall asleep. Can't really do that with the puffs, because they're too small.

Another option would be a pair of red eye puffers; they're easily sourced online right now. But with those, you have to worry about feeding them crunchy foods to keep their teeth filed down, which means snails, and I'm not in the mood for breeding snails at the moment. Too much work. So those are out.

SIGH. I guess I'll just wait until something aquatic smacks me upside the head and says "ME! I'M THE ONE!" Most likely a goldfish, preferably some pearlscales, but we'll see...

A passel of baby bubble eyes would be awfully fun too.


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