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Alive and Swimmin'...



Seems like life gets in the way of my Koko's enjoyment at times -- it has really been a while since I've browsed around here! It's always weird when I come back from a Koko's break to see how many new folks have joined and become very active voices on the forum. Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing, but I'm like, Who ARE you people? :teehee Well, welcome one and all!

Sadly, I lost Astro, my beautiful calico butterfly, just last week. I got to enjoy him for two years, but it's never enough, is it? Hula, my bubble eye, fell victim to the overfeeding of a pet sitter while I was on vacation last spring. I had portioned the food for the goldies into individual baggies, and instructed her to only feed ONE bag per day, but I came home to this: "They were so hungry that I fed them four bags, one after the other, and they ate it ALL." :madrant So I'm pretty sure the resulting ammonia spike was what did in my delicate little bubble boy. Needless to say, I have a new pet sitter.

So, finding myself fishless, I stopped by my favorite LFS this morning on a whim, just to see what they had. Lo and behold -- a tank full of tikus! :) (For those who aren't into pearlscales, tikus are the super-round ones without headgrowth that are also known as "ping pong" or "golf ball" pearlies.) Tikus are an old favorite of mine, although I have never EVER had luck at keeping one alive for more than a year (and for many, it was a matter of mere weeks or, if I was on a hot streak, months). Ping pong pearlies are notorious for being delicate and difficult to keep alive (although I realize the same can be said about most fancy goldfish, but just trust me, these guys are challenging for even an experienced keeper).

After ogling the pearlies for at least 15 minutes, grinning from ear to ear, I selected my favorite four, had them transferred to a tank holding baby black ranchus, paid, and watched them hang the "THESE PING PONGS SOLD!" receipt on the glass. I'll be picking them up tomorrow -- have to get my tank up and running and stop by my friend's house to mooch some of her great BB-laden filter media so I can have an insta-cycled aquarium ready to go.

Let's just hope past history doesn't repeat itself. It's been years since I've had tikus. Wish me luck, will you?


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I'm so sorry you lost Astro. :( But :Congrats: on your tikus! Post some pics for us when you get a chance, and I'd love to see some pics of Hula too, he's my fave! :teehee

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I'm sorry for you loss :hug


Welcome back!! Nice to hear from you (besides the bad news :()


Would you be able to test your gH for me? :) I would like to see where it is. Pearlscales need it in the 100-150 range to really thrive as I have read. Yes, many pictures!! :P

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I'm sorry for your losses :hug hopefully you can get the ones in from the new pet store :hug

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