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Retail Therapy - a visit to the mom and pop lfs



So today I was feeling a bit down and left work early. I think I'm getting a cold or something.

Anyway, to make myself feel better, I stopped at the mom and pop lfs on the way home.

It's a little storefront in a horrible part of town, jam packed with tanks, fish and plants.

They breed guppies and have some kinds I've never seen before, and their planted tanks are so lush and green. I get plant envy every time I go there.

Anyway, I looked at all the tanks. They usually have only a few goldfish, but today they had some cute little ranchu!!! Gold, calico and bronze. They also had a tank full of what looked like plakat bettas, but there were lots of them all together in the tank. I forgot to ask what they were. They also had 4 different types of White Cloud Mountain minnows - regular, vietnamese, long tailed and gold.

I was there for plants, and picked up 2 more onion plants, 3 jungle vals and a really nice anubia with long leaves that have a kind of silvery sheen to the underside of the leaf. I brought them home, dipped them in bleach solution, and put them in temporary pots in the tanks. I am waiting for my order of eco complete to arrive so I can plant things permanently.

Here's the Anubia - see the lighter underside of the leaves? It's very pretty! It's a mature plant with several rhizomes that I can separate into new plants.


Here's the jungle vals - there are 3 plants in here. I just put them in one pot temporarily. I like the way they sway in the current, yet the leaves are not as long as the onion plant. I hope Fluffy doesn't eat them!


And here's the test results from tonight. Progress is being made!! Ammonia - 1, Nitrites - 20


After all that therapy and planting, I was tired, so I got myself a pint of Ben & Jerrys sorbet and sat for a while watching the tank cycle and the new plants swaying in the current. It was a very successful trip to the mom & pop lfs!!


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good work. i love to look at all the plants too.. i can get almost any plant for the tiny totts tank.. but for the ryu's it's a hopless venture. Hercules the destroyer will ruin or eat anything i put in there..even Anubia :(

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Wow that testing is way better than the strips my store only carries. I'm gonna do some shopping around.

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It's getting close for sure. Won't be long now.

And I love your new plants. Your tank will be beautiful. Your patience is to be admired.

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