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Pretty colors~~



Well, I came back from my weekend away all excited to transfer Fluffy over to the 55, and get new fish into quarantine this week. :newfish

It was not to be :no: . Here are the colors of my test tubes from the 55 this morning:


The good news is that there is a cycle happening: NH has gone down a bit, Nitrites are through the roof, and Nitrates are high. I dosed with Nutrafin Cycle again today, and will keep testing the levels.

In other news, the new tank water is crystal clear! I hope that holds when the fish move in there!


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Do you have a heater in the cycling tank? I put one in mine because after almost a month my cycle still wasn't going so well and literally in a few days it was cycled! The heat helps the bacteria grow i guess

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I've ordered a heater, and will add it once it arrives. It's been cold here, and I was wondering if that's why the cycle was not as instant as I would have liked. Thanks for the idea.

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Wow. Isn't the new tank/filter seeded with some of Fluffy's media? When I moved from the 20g to the 55g, I had minimal readings on both ammonia and nitrite.

One thing I am jealous of is how nice the photo looks. When I take photos of the test chart and tubes, it always looks so off. Even the colors on the chart look very different and the colors of the test tube don't resemble anything that's on the chart :rofl

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Yeah fang it's pretty hard to take a picture of lol mine sometime looks totally wrong then I second guess myself on what the actual reading is

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Fang, I think I may not have taken enough media from Fluffy, and combined with the cold, the cycle is slow. making progress!

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