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3. Process your ingredients



In a food processor or mixer purée the carrots. Then add the split edamame and the ½ roasted red pepper.

Keep processing, you’re aiming for baby-food consistency here. You don't want to see any chunks larger than your smallest goldfish's mouth. If necessary use a ricer or masher, then process again.


carrots, roasted red pepper and edamame

Next, add the cooked oatmeal, green leafy veggies, mashed or roasted garlic.


I then added 2 sheets of nori soaked briefly in reserved water and chopped fairly fine. Process well.


Nori (dried, no salt. The kind they wrap sushi in) 2 sheets – dipped in reserved water, cut small before processing

Wheat germ 1/8 c. IMPORTANT for Fall-Winter-early Spring feeding

Garlic – 4 large cloves, crushed or paste from roasted garlic (for immunity and to help them locate food)

Bonito flakes ¼ cup (to help them locate food and for taste)

Chilean fish oil OmegaBrite pills, 2 drained (omega 3, 6 & 9)

Koi Clay - 2 tablespoons of Ultimate Koi Clay (for digestion)

Krill - Freeze dried and chopped as finely as you can. 1/2 cup

Organic baby food - 2 small jars. I choose garden vegetables- peas (for digestion), apples & apricot (for taste)

Add each ingredient one at a time in order of it needing to be mashed.

You're aiming for a thick consistency like this:


Make sure you give your mixer, blender or food processor's motor a breather if it starts to get hot.


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Roasting garlic softens it into a mushy paste.
It is easy to do in a toaster oven, but optional.



I like having roasted garlic around for cooking, so it is usually on hand. For me it is slightly easier to evenly incorporate into the gel food. Mashing raw garlic with a garlic press is perfectly fine - probably better! It's just not as mushy.


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