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The time has come...



Now that Prince is ok with my goldfish and I have a little more spare time, I'm setting up a QT tank. It's time to get Penny some friends!!! :nana :nana :nana

I don't know if I have the media to spare to get an 'instant cycle' on the tank so it may take a little while. I'm not going to take chances as I plan on QTing the fish for awhile, I don't want to risk harm to Penny (or Frosty).

I'm hoping to get the tank set up in the next few days and then start looking. I haven't even gone into a goldfish section in an lfs in months. Exciting! :D


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Good luck with the cycle! I am learning from experience that the "instant cycle" is not always so instant.

Congrats on getting things calmed down enough that you can think of :newfish

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I can't wait, I'm so pumped at the thought of even looking at fish again! It's been a long road this year between personal stuff and issues in the tank, but I think it is time for sure. The tank is being set up tonight (and by tank I mean plastic tub).

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