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On the lighter side...



Since my last blog post was kind of heavy, I thought I'd lighten things up a bit and just do some general goldfish chit-chat. :) I really did enjoy all the very thoughtful replies that last entry received, though.

I'm still very much enjoying my totally derpy bubble eye, Hula. Seriously, I had no idea how much I'd enjoy having a bubble eye once I got over the almost paralyzing fear that he'd somehow rupture a sac within 10 minutes of arrival. Every time I'd peek at the tank, I was stressed out, literally thinking "Don't pop! Don't pop! Don't pop!" as I searched for him.

Hula's never hard to find, though, as he's an incredibly social fish and always right near the front, doing that adorable goldie dance that we interpret as "Oh, he's happy to see me!" and which no doubt literally translates as "Feed me, now!" Of course, the dance is made even more endearing by those giant floating balloons around his face.


Who knew that I'd find something so potentially grotesque instead completely and utterly charming? I've decided that I'll never be without a bubble eye again. I'd love to have a dedicated bubble eye aquarium someday. The idea of 3 or 4 or 5 of them all wobbling around together in a big tank just makes me go "Squeeeee!"

But I haven't forgotten about my passion for ranchus, either. Still love them, and still miss mine terribly. Someday, when I'm in a bigger place and my health is better, I'll keep ranchus again. I just visited my old fish last weekend, and when I see how large they've become (Triton is easily 7+ inches long just in body length, and his girth is astonishing), I know that I never could have downgraded them to a smaller tank to accommodate my physical limitations. Bubble eyes just have a smaller footprint (fin print?) in a tank, and don't seem to require as much room as those mini-whales I used to keep.

Speaking of ranchus, there's nothing terribly remarkable about this one in terms of color, but something about it just captivates me anyway. It won't be hard to find fish I like when the time comes someday, that's for sure.



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I adore Hula, Dee Dee! Kinda makes me want one :) I do get the longing for a chu though as I currently am chuless as well and they are my fave because of the ones that you have had.

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I love hula but those eye sacs would scare me in case they popped ewwww but hula is a real cutie and that chu in that picture is adorable

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That picture is epic, Dee Dee. It's like Hula is singing Opera!!! I love it. :)

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