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Halloween Gel Food for your little Pumpkins. <3



Halloween Gel Food Recipe

4oz organic baby food squash purée

5oz. Organic baby food carrot purée

4oz water

1packet unflavored gelatin

1/2 sheet Nori (sushi seaweed)

Pour squash and water into a bowl and stir thoroughly. Microwave at 10 second intervals until boiling, stirring between each interval.

Once boiling, remove from microwave and stir in your gelatin until it dissolves completely.

Add in your carrot purée half at a time, stirring thoroughly to incorporate.

Pour into a Tupperware container so the gel measures 1/4-1/2" thick

Place in the fridge until half set.

Once the gel is half set, crumble the Nori over the top. Cover the top completely with the seaweed and press the pieces in so that they firmly attach to the gelatin.

Replace the gel into the fridge and let set completely.

Cut into cubes and watch them enjoy!

Suggestions: I think, to make it more creepy and a better treat, bloodworms could be added after the gel has cooled. OR you could even add some spirulina brine shrimp to add even more color and nutrition. You could also add canned pumpkin for more texture and flavor if you wish.

Warning: Please remember that this food contains lots of carotenoids. I am not responsible for any color changes you see with fish that eat this food!


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They respond amazingly to it and it does help a little with energy. I may try kale as a Nori replacing option to see if I can get them to poop even more, especially Tsumo.

Nobody is floaty because of it. :)

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