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Update on the Sorority tank!



So we have new critters for the 55 gallon! Nooo, they're not bettas yet but nerites!


Chelsea and I traded each other! She sent the snails and I ordered her a plant of her choice! I have decided to change their names because as Chels pointed out they don't know them :P

So here is Pooh:


And this is Tigger:


And lastly Eeyore (he was a little slower getting out of the bottle):


They are all doing their jobs well!




Snail trails!


And then!! This morning my plants came in! (kinda upset that I got mine before Chelsea got hers...I gave hers better shipping so it would get to her fast! :madrant )

I got some Crinum thaianum (onion plant) which I actually love more than the vals I think. The texture they bring to the tank is awesome so I hope they grow tall. I ordered six and got seven too!! :D


Then I ordered Hygrophila corymbosa. All the leaves kinda fell off when I picked it up but some are still on there that are really healthy looking! I hope I planted these right and that they do well. The ones with no roots worry me... :undecided:


I spy Pooh!

Here is the tank as of now! The little plants are growing back from the ammonia attack!! :D That I am so grateful for! I also see little sprouts of Vals so maybe I'll get some? :idont


Look at that Lucky Bamboo go! :o

So thus far I'm going to see how everything does these next few weeks. I might get one other plant to fill somewhere but I'm not sure because I'm hoping the Java Fern and Hydro will fill the tank fairly well. I want the tank to be full and lush!

I am adding a dose of excel every other day for this month to see how that goes. I might increase this to every day later :) I am also adding flourish for fertilizer twice a week.

Thanks for reading!! Any advice is welcome! :carrot:


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  • Regular Member

congrats on the snails!

the hygro should grow roots pretty quickly. It develops pretty massive root systems ;)

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  • Regular Member

It seems to be alright so far! I'm so excited! I want it to look amazing as well as the onion plants! Hehe

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