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New Ideas and a Little Progress!



So, it's time for an update on the 55 gallon sorority! Well, still not a sorority but I keep dreaming!

As of now, I have completely given up on having vals in my tank. For one I've read that they don't do well with Flourish Excel which I would really like to use and even when I stopped using the Excel they seem to not do well. At this point I have these little sprouts which is great but as I am going to use Excel again I don't expect much. In other words, the vals are on their own :rofl If they grow great if not oh well. :)



The dwarf clover is done for :( So I probably wont do a carpet but we'll see.. I do have one Crypt Retrospiralis that melted till it disappeared and now it's back and growing well actually! So we'll see how that goes!


I can't remember what the name of this plant is but I think it was either Crypt Parva or Hygrophila Corymbosa. I don't remember ordering the last one so I lean more towards the Crypt. According to PAC if it's the Crypt it will stay pretty small. We'll see the progress as this one has grown in the best out of everything!





I've added the Java Fern to put by the driftwood and it's doing well! The goldfish started eating the Java Fern so I actually ended up with double in the 55 gal. It turned out to be a good thing as the Anubias that were in the tank completely melted randomly after weeks of looking like they were the only thing that was going to make it. So, There is some Java Fern all around the tank now! It will be quite the jungle someday I'm sure!



Now I have the... Crypt Undulata. I think that is what this is. I there is the one that is growing well and the others are catching up! I'm hoping for more good growth now that Excel is back in the works!


These are the corner ones :)


This is Bolbitis Heudelotii (AKA African Water Fern) but I really don't even know if it's growing to be honest. I've left it in there for now as it's also not dying. If I don't see growth soon I might move a Crypt Undulata to that spot instead.


The moss on the driftwood is brown on top and green under. I've never worked with moss so I have no idea if this is normal or if it's just dead... :idont


Here is the whole tank as of now:


I'm just letting the brown algea take over the back wall and right wall. Future plans for the tank are getting some Crinum Thaianum (AKA onion plant) to replace the possibly all dead vals and also to get some more Crypt Retrospiralis :) I hoping these will be strong enough to make it and add some much needed height to the tank!

Thanks for reading!!


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So sorry your having a rough start. No moss should not be brown. Can you take it out and gently trim away the brown?

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Looks great!


So sorry your having a rough start. No moss should not be brown. Can you take it out and gently trim away the brown?

sure I'll do that! There is a lot of green under the brown that I can see. I'm wondering if it's a cross between some melting and all the brown algae that took over while I was away... I will try to trim it and go from there :)

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