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The beginning



I have decided that I need a blog here on kokos to share my goldfish adventures other than just posting threads. I will start at the beginning. On February 22nd 2012 my boyfriend and I went to our local fish store to get two goldfish for our ten gallon tank for our anniversary. I picked a tiny red cap oranda and he picked a calico ryukin. I told the store keeper that I wanted the best food so I bought a bag of hikari purple and he advised me to feed them frequent small amounts throughout the day to encourage growth, well he hadn't bothered asking me how big my tank was and I had no idea about stocking limits. My fish grew quickly and so did my love for them. Soon I came to a point where I had 4 goldfish in a 10 gal, they were getting big, and some bullying was starting to occur. I then found kokos and saw I had made a big mistake and I was set on fixing it. My parents had an old 55 they were not using so I grabbed that up and upgraded. I have since gotten more and more tanks :rofl and I'm breeding goldfish. I will post more as things happen because I don't want to backtrack too far :) but here is a pic of BigRed a couple months ago. When I got her she was smaller than a quarter, this picture was taken on February for her 1 year birthday with me.



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