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I Have A Secret....



So one of my little Moors that I had in QT since July 1st died the other day. One day it was just hanging around mid tank spacing out (very unusual since they are really quite busy little guys) so I removed her (?) to a 10 gallon bin so I could salt her to .3% and give her some time to not be pestered by the other one. She had no outward signs of illness and was eating and acting just fine until the day before she died. She was not very healthy when I got her (skinny, frayed fins) but was progressing nicely. I am sad but not surprised. She passed away on a little plastic leaf and looked quite peaceful. The other one is fattening up and is quite active and, very mischievous. He has a little Ryukin type hump developing and it is cool to see his "this in my serious food foraging face" paired with his little cute little waddle. It is like a four foot man coming up to me (six feet tall barefoot) and telling me he's going to kick my rear end....go ahead, try it! I think I have a future tough guy in my hands regardless of how large he gets. In the mean time, I was debating how I was going to stock my new 55 gallon tank when I found the perfect Craigslist add. Needless to say I came home Sunday with a little butterfly telescope and a new black moor. Even better, the poster was a Koko's member so I know they have been loved and looked after. They are in QT now and have settled in nicely. These two are beautiful! They both have perfect tails and are very social. They managed the car ride home just fine (a whopping 15 minutes) and settled into their 30 gallon QT nicely. I think I could actually her them chatting:

Moor: What is this new place?

Calico: I don't know do you think there is food here?

Moor: But where are we? It smells different?

Calico: Do you think they have any shrimp pellets?

Moor: Can we check things out before you think about your stomach?

Calico: I need a snack before I do anything else....

I will introduce everyone after they are Prazied and set up in the new 55 gallon which will be in a month. Plus, I need a better camera, my current one does not capture wiggling fish very well.

Here is the little one that passed, as I think she should be honored and another one of the two new fish, being a bit indecent, and a nicer shot to show how lovely they are. Maybe I have my hands full. These telescopes all seem a bit mischievous! Enjoy!





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