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Jamm's QT




June 15 2013

New water

Prazi round 1 day 1 - salt at 0.1%

Notes: Repashy TID. Fish has quite red fin joints and red streaks in picture but after a few hours in QT, this has cleared up. I believe it was weight and transfer stress.

- 3 yr old pondfish


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June 15 2013

80% water change

Salt upped to 0.2%

Notes: I'm overfeeding repashy so I am going to be cutting back the amount I give at a time.

Was only trying to scoop all the poop out (fish is extra poopy) but ended up scooping out 80% of the water

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June 16 2013

50% water change

Prazi day 2 - salt 0.3% day 1

Notes: Repashy QD

- Added an onion bag of matrix to the QT to help stabilize the waste levels a bit.

- Checked fins today and there was still slight reddening at the pectoral joints.

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June 17 2013

100% water change

Prazi day 3 - salt 0.3% day 2

Notes: Repashy TID

- Mouth sore from bashing was bothering me so I set up a D&D for it.

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June 18th 2013

50% water change

Prazi day 4 - salt 0.3% day 3

Notes: Repashy TID

June 19th 2013

100% water change

Break day 1 - salt 0.3% day 4

Notes: Repashy QD, fast day tomorrow.

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