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How Thunderstorms Make Goldfish Feel?



Thunderstorms make my fish feel very, very excited. Eggs everywhere, plants nearly destroyed, and fish looking extra happy with themselves. As always, I told them they must clean it up most of the way, and they're happy to oblige. I think that this is the first time Elvis has done his part, as those bubbles show the protein film is there this time. How exciting!

I just don't know, guys.

I really don't know what to do with my babies right now!

They're just crazy lovers.



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Have you considered a spawning mop so its easier to remove/clean out the eggs? Go clementine an elvis!

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  • Regular Member

I have considered it, but I haven't gotten the acrylic yarn to do so yet. I also can't figure out if I want to float or sink the mops. :idont

Haha don't tell them to go!! :yikes I can barely keep up with them right now! :rofl

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My two RG goldies went crazy trying to breed after a big thunderstorm we had. Since they are both males, it was an exercise in frustration for them.

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:teehee That must have been quite a confusing time for them. My girls would do it too, when it was the two of them. They'd both get round with eggs and then release them, and would feast like queens! I guess the males don't get a reward like that for breeding behavior with each other, though. :(

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My Shubie went crazy like that trying to breed with my comet but it failed as the others ate everything

If you want to really breed them, then the eggs need to be removed from the tank after they are laid. If they aren't, then they get eaten. :(

I think you'd have some beautiful babies from a shubie and a comet.

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