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Decorating the tank - your opinions needed!



So tonight I got home from work and started planting.

I had pulled some of the swords from the Betta tank this morning, and I pulled the rest of the plants out of the old tank this evening.

I have done some reading and looking at pictures of other planted tanks to get some ideas.

I had decided that I wanted a couple of islands of plants surrounded by bare space. I had also read about putting the focal point a bit off center in the tank. This is known as the golden ratio. I measured 18.334 inches from each end. The idea is to place the focal point at one of those 2 places in the tank. So that's where I put the plant island as the focal point.

I had a bit of gravel left from the betta tank, so I used that in a clay saucer to make my plant island. I planted some swords, the onion plant, and a baby amazon fern in the saucer and placed it at the sweet spot. I arranged a couple of rocks and some other plants around the tank.

And here it is:


What do you think? Please let me know your comments and suggestions, cuz I sure don't know what I'm doing!

I assume that once the plants grow in, it will look more like I envisaged it. I think I will add some more anubias on rocks over by the tunnel. I definitely need to replace the canister filter intake - I need a black one, cuz the clear one sticks out like a sore thumb.

The bad news is that I broke the light fixture :oops: - it was not actually big enough, but I was going to make do with it. Now I'll have to buy a new light.

The ammonia is still at 2.0 this evening. I am going away for the weekend, so I hope the bb's will kick in before Monday when I get back. I'd like to move Fluffy over on Monday and get new fish on Tuesday. :carrot:

Thanks for watching!



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Yeah, Shawnee - it's barebottom. The planters will have eco complete in them for the plants, but most of the tank will be bare. It has some kind of coating on the underside of the tank that kind of looks like river rocks to me, so I'm leaving it that way.

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I was wondering about the coating. My "new" used tank has something stuck on the bottom, and my backup/qt tank has the remains of something sticky on the bottom too. What's up with sticking stuff on the bottom of acrylic tanks?!

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When I bought the 55, the guy told me that some acrilyc tanks have brown paper stuck to the underside. I don't get it either. The other acrilyc tank (TruVue brand) had a clear underside - i didnt' like that so much because you could see through the bottom to the mess inside my tank stand!

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