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Update on My Poor, Poor 55 gal Planted Tank...




I didn't know that Vallisneria Spiralis cannot handle Florish Excel... So hopefully I didn't kill them all the way and they'll grow back.. :no: It seems to have had the same effect on my Cryptocoryne retrospiralis so I'm crossing my fingers I get some growth now that I have done a clean up and WC...

The Bacopa Carolina died as well.. Really not a good start for me :o and I didn't really like the floating ancharis so the goldfish got some :feedme

So I'm going to wait for growth for a month or so and see what I get then I'll decide on what to try next.

I'm thinking maybe to replace the three Bacopa Carolina I had in there I'll get on nice Java Fern.. or Cryptocoryne parva... Not sure..

If everything is dead I'll get more Vals and try again probably won't replace the retrospiralis crypts though.

it looks like the crypt undulata and crypt wendtii are bouncing back. I continue to see new growth in the dwarf four leaf clovers and the moss is doing alright on the driftwood. The anubias are so hardy that they don't seem to be effected by anything!

Just a rough start for a newbie... :cry


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It is normal for crypts to melt. They well come back. How much excel are you using?

No pictures?

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  • Regular Member

Yeah I've left everything in there but cleaned it up. It seems I'm seeing the crypts come back but nothing from the vals. I was only doing barely a capful every other day as suggested by the bottle. But as I looked for information on vals I've read they don't do well with any excel. Some have been successful with very small doeses but I'm not going to risk it.

As for pics.... I don't have any yet as I've had sick goldfish. I'll update again soon since everyone is doing better :)

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My vals melted when they were first planted too. I found somewhere that they can actually be acclimated to fluorish excel. I started with a quarter dose 3x a week then upped to half the rec. dosage 3x a week and they still grew like weeds :) I hope all the plants and fish will bounce back soon! Looking fwd to the pics ;)

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Hmmm interesting about acclimateing the vals... I'll see how things go first.. :)

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I'm the worst procrastinator... I will here officially promise to update on all of my tanks as a lot has changed!! :o

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It's going well :) I'd like to get my snails at some point :) gonna wait another month though I think...

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