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Ubaga's QT




QT: Uncycled filter and air stone in a 10-15 gal QT

Weigh-in: 9 grams

May 15 2013

Prazi day 1 and salt at 0.1%


Notes: readily accepts food, zooms around really fast (worried about flashing until confirmed zooming in outside fish as well, due to impending weekend storm)

May 16 2013

100% wc

Prazi day 2 and salt at 0.2%

Repashy increased to BID

Notes: zooming slowed down, still ravenous appetite

May 17 2013

100% wc

Prazi day 3 and salt at 0.3%

Repashy BID

Notes: Doing well, no signs of bottom sitting. Really enjoys speeding around fast, will do well in the pond.


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May 18 2013

No water change params good

Prazi day 4 and salt 0.3% day 2

Repashy increased to TID

Notes: Doing great :)

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May 19 2013

100% water change

Prazi day 5 and salt 0.3% day 3

Repashy only BID

Notes: second repashy was fed 6 hrs of other one and wasn't fully eaten before the water change

- was late for work this morning and is the reason for the reduced feeding

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May 20 2013
100% water change

End prazi round 1 and salt 0.3% day 4

Repashy only BID

Notes: Fish still fine and inspected, no concerning details seen. The hunger seems to have slowed down a bit.

May 21 2013

100% water change

Break day 1 and salt 0.3% day 5

Repasy BID

Notes: My stinking filter decided to cycle. Have nitrites of 0.5 before water change. Will be upping testing to BID and adjust changes accordingly.

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May 22 2013

No water change

Break day 2 and salt 0.3% day 6

Repashy BID

Notes: Ubaga is acting normal.

May 23 2013

100% Water change

Break day 3 and salt 0.3% day 7

Repashy TID

Notes: Those darn nitrites are back!!! :rofl Seeing as I have 5 more rounds of prazi it doesn't bother me to do extra water changes.

Weighed Ubaga and he was only 2 grams. I don't know if my scale is wonky or not. He is getting fed and he's pooping so that's all I'm concerned about.

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