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Finally, Some Quiet



I'm so eager for my PetSolutions package to arrive on Wednesday. Not only will I have a nice new Python at last, but I also splurged and got a new Rena 400 air pump.

I've always been easily irritated by humming or mechanical noises from my tanks, which is why I prefer ultra-quiet canister filters. Aside from the fact that they provide truly superior biological and mechanical filtration ;), one of the main attractions is that a good canister is virtually silent.

I require silence from my air pumps, too. I'm a big proponent of supplemental aeration in goldfish tanks. No matter how much surface movement you might have from the filter outflow(s), running an airstone or bubble wand keeps that water moving, which ensures that the filter gets to ALL the water. And the bubbles breaking at the surface mean there's plenty of oxygen in the water too.

But ugh, air pumps are usually so freakin' noisy. Years ago, I discovered Rena pumps, and their golden silence, and have kept a 400 on every tank since. But I gave my Rena away with my ranchu tank, and when I got my current tank from Craigslist, and needed a new air pump, I thought I'd try to save a few bucks and get a less expensive one. FAIL.

I went through many air pumps before settling on Renas in the first place, but I thought maybe the other manufacturers had caught up and improved their technology in the intervening years. So I purchased a new Whisper, and frankly, the noise is driving me bonkers.

So it's back to the good old Rena 400 for me, and the improved night's sleep I'll get will be worth every penny, and then some.

In other goldfish news, I finally settled on names for my fish. Introducing Astro (calico butterfly) and Hula (red/white bubble eye).


I just adore these two clowns. They're on their final round of prazi and I can remove the salt at the next water change. I hope to have them for a good long time. :)


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