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Adventures in Water Changing



I bought a generic Python-type water changer, and boy am I disappointed. The quality just plain sucks, I can't get a decent seal when attaching it to the faucet because of the thin plastic threading, and it removed and replaced water at a snail's pace. Seriously, I could have refilled the tank faster by standing over it and spitting for a couple hours. I finally got impatient during the refill and hauled out the bucket.

So back to the store it goes, and if they give me any grief because it's removed from the package and used once, I will go OFF. It's a shoddy, inferior product that cost way too much, and I want my money back. And I will get it.

Name brand Pythons only from here on out. Lesson learned.

In happier news, my two new fish are on their second round of prazi and all seems well with them. It's such a delight to have goldfish again. Both are super-friendly, swim actively, and eat with gusto. It's a little weird not to have ranchus after only having that type for so long, but I'm really enjoying them.

I wish I could relax a little about the bubble eye's sacs though. I keep expecting to find one or both of them deflated at any moment. I need to try to get over that. But I did a search on the forum for topics containing "bubble eye," and it seems like every post titled "New Bubble Eye!" was followed a short time later by one headed "Bubble Eye Bubbles Popped!" Yikes. Knock wood, we're good so far.

I just love this little goober.



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What brand did you get, DeeDee? I have two Aqueons, and they work quite well. They are also quite a bit cheaper than the Pythons.

I actually bought them because that's what Petco carries, and I didn't want to have to order online. Three years later, I'm still quite happy with them. :)

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I forget the brand, to be honest -- but I paid a Python-like price, because it was all the store had. I gave my old Python to my friend along with the ranchu tank, and I miss it so much. I knew all its little quirks, and it just felt "right" in my hand. SIGH. I'll look into the Aqueons, though. Thanks for the tip!

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I have an Aqueon and love it too. Honestly a lot of the performance goes into the amount of water pressure. I get water changes done much faster at home and slower at school due to pressure differences.

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