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So far, so good. Mostly.



So far, quarantine is going just fine with the two new fish. They're at .3% salt as of yesterday, and almost finished with their first round of prazi. I don't see anything terribly concerning in either of them; normal poop for both, no tattered fins, no sign of ich. First QT I've done in a while, and it's a relief to have it going so smoothly.

The only worry, really, is that the calico butterfly isn't quite as stable in the water as I'd like him to be. He very mildly headstands once in a while, and seems to be a touch floaty, especially after eating. It's bumming me out that he's already like this. I had chosen him at the LFS, and then went to pick him up the next day. When I picked him, he looked perfectly fine. When I went to get him, he was a little wobbly and ever so slightly floaty. I went against my better instincts and bought him anyway, because I'd fallen for the little bugger and none of the other fish "spoke" to me the way he did.

I've certainly dealt with my share of floaty fish in my years keeping goldfish (who among us hasn't?), but I try as much as possible to start with fish that at least appear to be free of problems when I acquire them. The floatiness usually comes later. So far, though, it hasn't been a real problem (he still books around the tank like nobody's business), so mainly I'm going to keep an eye on him and experiment with foods (thawed frozen, pellets, gel, etc.) and see what happens.

He's such a goofy-looking fish, with those enormous telescope eyes. He reminds me very much (except for color, of course) of Archie, a red and white butterfly I had for several years a while back. Archie was probably my all-time favorite of the goldies I've kept. He started as a little puny guy from the LFS (he was smaller when I got him than this calico is now), and grew into quite a beast. He had the BEST personality, super-sassy and very pushy with other fish, but also totally interested in me anytime I came near the tank. Archie's vision sucked, so I had to teach him to hand-feed. My nieces adored him, because they put their hands in the tank and Archie would nibble them all over, searching for food. Naturally, they thought he was giving them kisses. ;)

This was Archie when I first got him, in the QT tank:


And this was him a few years later, king of his domain:


I still miss Archie. I think that's why this calico reeled me in. The color is completely different, but I swear he's channeling Archie somehow. Probably the eyes.


I have big plans for this little guy. I'm going to (hopefully) teach him to hand-feed as well, so I can control what he eats and help keep him balanced and stable. SBD just plain sucks, you know? I'm going to work hard not to let it become full-fledged.

Another angle, just because I like him so much. I plan to take pics with the good camera soon!



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They are so cute, Dee Dee. Hopefully the tilting is just from bad water and food, and that things will settle out now that you have them. :)

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Oh my Sure hope the butterfly is just getting use to the changes and well come out perfect for you.

Good luck

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