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Monster Update on EVERYTHING



I have soooo many pictures this morning :photo: My camera definitely does better with natural sunlight on the tank, it doesn't like taking a picture of a lit object as the tank is always brighter than the room lighting otherwise. Lots of fishie pics :) Though not really of the ranchu...she is not cooperative. My anubias has a flower too :D The only good pic I got of it X and Crankypants decided they wanted in too :glare:

It's unusual I get more than 2 of the fish in a pic without them being quite as clear as this :)


Most are like this...clear of one and magically not of the other, these two are mostly inseparable :) Trouble in twos...


Some slightly blurry pics of the moor



Guess I caught CP by surprise!


X's ryukin shape is really starting to come through :) I did wonder for a while if she was a fantail but I think she looks like she'll be a nice red short-tail ryukin :)



I really love the shape of the moor, she's got a great tail, even eyes and a good fin and body structure :)




3 out of 4 again :o


And everyone together :o :o :o And not too blurry :o :o :o


And because I feel KB should be included, his new tank which has already been shown elsewhere :)



In other news...my plants are doing really well :) I repotted the Coriander and it sulked for a day or two but I think it's coming back again now :) The Chillis were unphased by their repotting experience and the Parsley's going crazy!

Left to right, Basil, Chives and Parsley


The Oregano seems to be a slow grower, a few more seedlings have made an appearance and the older ones are starting to form their second pair of leaves :)


Chillis :) The little one will hopefully grow more now it's not overshadowed as much, the bigger one just keeps popping out the leaves! :o


My still slightly sulky coriander, it did smell amazing while I repotted it though, looking forward to cooking with it when it gets bigger :)


And as some of you will be aware, I made mango chutney a few days ago, and the recipe made over double what it said it would! The big jar is 1 litre and that stuff is SPICEY! Good thing my Uncle loves mango chutney and spicey food as he's getting the big jar for Christmas! It is really good though :)



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  • Regular Member

Nice photos! They all look so pretty! I love that first blurry moor pic, he's like "Food's that way, go get it." :rofl

That chutney looks delicious.

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  • Regular Member

Sarah your fish look great! I'm always thrilled too when I can get one or two clear pics of the fish. :P

Love your herbs, I'm just starting to grow plants so I'm following your progress with interest. :) The mango chutney looks delicious!

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  • Regular Member

Fantastic pictures of everything.

It is strange to see gf pictures and than see herbs that can be used when cooking ... :rofl

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  • Supporter

i notice some good growth on the newbies sarah!.. they're obviously very happy with you! ;)

KB seems to be adoring his new digs!..

and YAY for the herbs!!.. i will have you make mango chutney when you visit here too, it's John's favourite fruit :P

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