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Really need to shut down a tank.



I need to shut down the 55. The only thing that is stopping me is deciding who to keep. I am leaning to keeping the goldfish cause the oscars are really over stocked and more work. But on the other hand they never get sick and I have the least issues with them and for me they live so much longer.

These two big tanks are just to much for me now that I am cooking and cleaning house and going to have a new part time job and eventually two part time jobs. (When my boss goes back to work.)

I think my husband vote would be to keep the oscars.

I feel horrible but I need to work and keep this house a lot cleaner then the old house.

I also worry Ill lose contact with you all if I only post in other pets and tropical sections. You all are such a big part of my life and were really there for me when my sister was so sick and she passed away. Don't think I would of made it without you all to chat with.

But you know maybe that would be ok. If I only post in those areas and have one less tank to care for I might feel more like keeping up with post and tanks.

Think I just made up my mind for me. Goldfish well be re homed this week. Sorry not shipping them. Going to drive 45 minutes away to that mom and pop store that I like so much. There is also one nearer that would take them but since the place was sold the new people know nothing about fish or any other kind of critters either.


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Aw...I'm sorry to hear that, Angie. It sounds like you really thought things through, and are doing what you need to do. I'm sorry to see the goldfish go, but you still have fish, and you have your other pets. We expect you to be active in all the forums still, including the goldfish ones. What you know doesn't just vanish when you decide not to have goldfish anymore :)

On a different note, my uncle's been trying to convince me to turn one of the big tanks into an oscar tank :rofl

Tempting, but no. :P

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Thank you. Ill be here not going anywhere. lol Just re homing the goldfish.

Oscars are great. More personality then a goldfish and easier to keep. Karma is going on 4 years old and Willow is now 6 months. Willow and the pleco fight a lot. lol So poor Willow is scared up. If it gets much worse the pleco well have to be rehomed too. But thats ok then the tank wont be over stocked just means Ill have to do a little more cleaning. I just hate to lose him. He is a cool fish. If Willow would just leave him alone there would not be a problem. I also worry that is Jerry (pleco) is not there Willow might start going after Karma instead. So keeping the pleco for as long as I can.

Thank you for your reply.

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That's too bad, but things do take a lot of time, don't they? I can't believe how much time cooking and cleaning and water changes can take. :(

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I am so sorry I missed this! Usually I am quite good with keeping up with my favorite people on here :( So sorry, but Ihink you made the right decision for yourself. I hope it all works out for you in the future :heart

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