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Tonight I cleaned my goldfish tank and Mr. "I want to eat the fish" came downstairs to see what was going on. He made a few snaps at Penny but I just blocked him with my leg gently and said no, and....HE LISTENED! It's as if he finally said, "ok ok I get it, I can't eat her".

So he sat there for about a half hour, just watching me :D :D :D

Now I'm sure he'll have some relapses, but this was a huge success! I think it will soon be time to get some new goldies (how many times have I said that this year??)

And look, I have proof ;)


I also got this great shot of Frosty


And here's the nice shiny, clean, non-sheet covered tank! It's still a little murky from the buff-it-up



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Hahaha, I know he's probably being a big faker!

Thankfully he doesn't tend to go downstairs unless it's with me, so I think Penny is safe :)

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I'm so glad to hear it. Penny is beautiful and so is the tank. Glad you don't have to keep it covered up any more.

How are the tropicals doing in your office?

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