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Weigh in #1 and #2: The Little Piggies Grew!



I've decided to keep a little growth and health journal on my blog here for my three aquarium goldfish, an Orange Butterfly Telescope, a normal Moor, and a Broadtail Moor. I'm also going to list details on each fish so I can reference my older posts for any information. Here we go! :)

Their weights in August (around the time I brought home the Tele and Broadtail) were:

Orange Butterfly Tele: 28 grams

Regular Moor: 26 grams

Broadtail Moor: 24 grams

The weights are from the beginning of August and unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the weigh-in.

Since then, I have been feeding ProGold twice a day in the morning and afternoon along Repashy once at night. Just recently, within the past week or so, I have moved to feeding ProGold just once a day in the morning along with Repashy at night. This is to help with nitrates since I have these three in my 29 gallon. I try to feed around 0.5% of their body weight in Progold and 0.75% of their body weight in Repashy each day. They also get a healthy serving of blood worms once or twice a week in place of a Progold feeding. I have been changing my water two times a week, at least 80% on Sat/Sun and at least 50% on Tues/Weds. The water parameters have stayed at zero for ammonia and nitrite for the duration of this time, and nitrate has been around 10ppm before a water change with it reaching 20ppm at least once.

A current picture of their tank is as follows:


Their weights today, October 3rd, were:

Butterfly Tele: 36 grams (+8 grams)

Regular Moor: 36 grams (+10 grams)

Broadtail Moor: 28 grams (+4 grams)

They are all around 2 inches in body length. Things I've noticed health-wise with these fish during this time is:

Butterfly Tele: She eats the most food and is the most dominate at feeding time. She also tends to gulp air immediately after eating, and this behavior can last a few hours. She will do it on and off, sometimes for just a few seconds and other times a few minutes. She is also slightly wobbly at times, but has never had any serious swim bladder issues or episodes. These symptoms have been very consistent and have not worsened or improved, and there is no difference in severity associated with a certain food, or certain amount of food. This is still somewhat concerning to me, but as of now I am not feeling it has reached a point where any major action needs to be taken since she is overall very healthy and happy.

Regular Moor: This is the one I have had for almost a year now, and she has been a great little fish. She has never displayed any swim bladder issues or other ailments, and is almost as aggressive as the Tele during feeding. She eats almost as much, and likes to try to push the other two around when she thinks they're getting too much. She will on a very rare occasion gulp air at the surface, but this is more consistent with trying to eat any leftover food film and does not seem to be swim bladder/digestion related.

Broadtail Moor: She has grown the least out of the three and is definitely the calmest and seems the most fragile. She has a hard time finding food, and is often pushed around a little during feeding. She is also the most timid. A few weeks ago I started hand feeding her at least once a day, always for her Repashy feeding and sometimes for ProGold as well. This was due to her consistently eating around half of what the others would eat, it is more even now with the hand feeding. Recently she is showing small breeding stars on her pectoral fins, which are not noticeable unless looking very closely. They have become more prominent in the past week, but are still hard to see.

Pictures from today's weigh-in are as follows:




I will try to provide updates every month or so, and will chronicle any major changes in their appearance, health, and temperament.

Thanks for reading! :)


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  • Regular Member

very nice growth! :) Because I am keeping data on weight/length of fish, can I ask, is the 2 inch length from head to tail, or head to peduncle?

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  • Regular Member

Thank you Tithra! I forgot about your new weight thread! Do you want me to post their info over there for you? The length is from tip of the nose to beginning of the tail. :)

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  • Regular Member

that's okay I can get it from here :) I am planning to compile the information once I get some more and will post it on the forum in a more organized fashion :)

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  • Regular Member

<--derp, I just posted them there for you LOL their weights are officially plastered all over forum. :)

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  • Regular Member

I should get a scale soon and compare mine too! We almost have matching tele sets :)

You should! I got mine on Groupon for like $10 and see them on there every now and then. :) Too bad we don't live closer to each other, you could totally use my stuff. And I just ordered one of those tiny ones that measure in 0.1 gram increments, I think it's meant for other non-goldfish "substances" but I'm going to use it to measure their food LOL.

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