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Not setting up the 40 gallon



Well after a LOT of thinking and planning, I've decided not to set up the 40 gallon that I was given a few months ago :(

I simply don't have the space. After I rearranged my office it looked so much better and I knew that if I put another tank in there it would be far too crowded. I feel ok about it though, because instead I'm completely overhauling the four tanks that I have in there already.

I got a brand new 'retirement' tank for my frog Pudgy and gave the crab tank a great cleaning...here's the thread with photos :)

Next on today's agenda, I'm redoing the tropical tank with new plants and Flourite substrate...should be a challenge!


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I hate space issues :( I would have just 1 gaint tank is space wasn't a issue. I am sure though all your babies don't mind and already enjoy the space they have :heart

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Yes it does suck in a way. I do have space in other parts of the house, but Prince (my dog) has a bad habit of pestering my fish so I try to keep the tanks in areas where he doesn't spend a lot of time :P

I'm happy with the decision. My redecorated tanks are nice and I honestly didn't need the extra work of a 40 gallon right now. It's nice to know I have it in storage if I ever need it :)

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