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It begins!



Last night I finally found time to get the 'big tank shuffle' started.

I moved a bookshelf in my office to make space for the 40 gallon. Now this weekend I have to move the stand with my newts and tropical tank (that means emptying both tanks....groan).

I'm also going to fill the 40 gallon in the garage and leave it for a few days to make sure it doesn't leak.

I am putting the rock formations together as well. While I'm at it, the goldfish tank is getting a makeover.

I'm excited!!!! Photos to come :)

On a sadder note I found some issues in my tanks while planning the move. One of my 8+ year old tetras looks terrible. Lots of melanophore migration (he's turning very black in some areas), his fins are tattered and one of his eyes looks damaged. I don't think he is diseased in an accute way, just overall not doing well. But he continues to school with the other and feed, so for now I'm letting him live out his life.

I also noticed that one of my newts was lethargic. That's distressing and not a good sign with amphibians. He's about 7 years old too. On the bright side he didn't look emaciated, so hopefully it will pass. I'll get a better feel for things when I move the tank this weekend.


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I'm doing something similar right now with moving tanks around, it feels good to regroup and get reorganized! lol :)

Hope things work out with your tetra and newt, it's obvious they have lived a very healthy life with you. :heart I had a couple newts when I was younger and they lived to about 5/6, and I totally spoiled them so I know you are taking GREAT care of them. :)

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