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Mini Cloud Mountain Minnow Biotope



Hey everyone! :)

I've been really wanting to put a little nano tank together in my office at work (since I'm there more than I'm home!), but was having the hardest time deciding on what exactly to do. I need something simple, easy to maintain, but still relaxing and fun. I finally decided to get a little Acrylic rimless tank, and create a Biotope for a small group of Cloud Mountain Minnows.

I've just barely started gathering everything I will need, and so far the equipment I've decided on is as follows:


-Rimless "bookshelf" style aquarium, the dimensions are 24" long, 8" wide and 8" tall. This is the absolute biggest I could get. I think it's listed at 6.6 gallons, however with the bowfront I think it's closer to 8?

-Fluval C2 Power Filter, I have one of these on my Goldfish aquarium, and LOVE it. Plus, it's rated for 10-30 gallons, so it should create a nice current for the minnows who really enjoy a lot of water movement since their native habitat is fast flowing streams and rivers.

- 18-24 inch Marineland Double-Bright LED, I wanted something that would look nice with the whole rimless look and still grow low light plants. It was slightly more expensive than I really wanted, but I have this light on my Goldfish tank as well and know I will be very happy with it.


As far as the decor, I am still trying to decide on a few things but I have a good overall picture of how I want it to look. I think I will paint the back of the aquarium either a dark grey or black, and use either black or white moon sand as substrate. I will be using some river rocks to create a natural looking environment while still giving them areas to explore. As far as plants go, I ordered a couple Anubais Nana Petite to start off with to add some nice color.

I already have some mountain minnows in my parent's kitchen, so I'll be stealing them back and will probably get a few more so they have a nice comfortable shoal. I am so excited!

I should be able to begin to piece everything together this weekend, and will be transferring media to the new filter for a quicker cycle. Pictures to come! :)


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It sounds cool. Are you using the actual Petco bookshelf tank and taking the rim off of it?

I am! :) I love the way it looks without the rim and love the space it gives. Right now the WCMM are in a 9 gallon BiUbe, which is honestly pretty stable for them but this tank will give them more swimming room and much better filtration. I am so excited!

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