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Making changes to goldfish tank



Really want a new fish. But really don't have room for one. 55 gallon with 3 BN's and 3 goldfish.

So yesterday after I finished my kitchen I started removing gravel so I can put in my blue rocks. How do you all get out those last few pesky pieces of gravel? I want it ALL gone before I add my blue stuff in.


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Can I tell you how funny this is?

I just pulled out all my gravel, and I was just about to open a new topic to ask how to get out the last few tiny pieces!!!!

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use the siphon without the attachment to suck out the last of the gravel (just the tubing)... works like a charm!

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Hidr, did you get those last few pieces out? I couldn't!

Thanks, Tithra--that's a great idea. I'll have to try that out tomorrow. :)

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Yes, the siphon tube alone will suck up anything. But be very careful -- it's very strong, and it will hurt your fish if you touch them.

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I had my finger over the tube, like I was misting with a gardenhose. :) It worked like a charm, but the water went out so fast! I had 15 gallons out of the tank before I stopped, and I still see a grain or two--lol!

That was a great idea, thanks to all of you!

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