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the big move = $$$$!



So I'm still scheming away about the 'tank shuffle' that I'm going to do...and it hit me just how expensive this hobby can be.

To do what I want, I don't really need to purchase that much stuff - when compared to say, setting up an entirely new tank. BUT I'm looking at:

- a new wire cover for my 30 gallon to keep the hermit crab in

- some more deco for the hermit crab tank upgrade (jungle vines, etc.)

- enough sand for a 40 gallon

- lots of live plants

- a new light bulb for the 40 gallon

- more tropical fish to stock the 40 gallon

Plus lots of little things, like tubing for the airstones etc. Even that small list is going to cost me a couple of hundred! I should have just gotten into pet rocks :rofl


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If you need small stuff like tubing I have a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff I could send you for free if you will pay shipping :) I don't have use for it.

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Pet rocks would indeed be a lot cheaper. They would also be a lot more boring. :D

I feel your pain, I need to buy 4 new CFLs for my 75g tank, and they're $30 each! I also need a new UV light for my UV sterilizer. $$$$$$$

I have also been having recurring dreams about buying a new goldfish, so I guess I "need" one of those too. lol

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Thanks GreenTea...I actually have a TON of random stuff like that too, so I think I'll manage, but there are little odds and ends that keep popping up that I need.

Rather than go out and blow my budget I'm just going to chip away at this and do the set up over the course of the fall, I'm in no rush thankfully. I just had to post about the general observation that this hobby can add up! :P

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