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Success! I think. Also: a video tour!



I think this time it worked! Things seem to be running pretty smoothly. Here's a video tour of my setup as it is right now. You might want to mute it as the only sound is me being dumb and running my hand over the microphone accidentally. (oops.)


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Thanks guys. :) After it had been running for a while, I noticed a few slow leaks, so I have it mostly all taken apart again and I'm going to re-fasten everything securely and see where that gets me. BUT, my filtration hasn't imploded, so I feel like this is an improvement. :D

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Awesome!!! I like the idea of using the 2 fluvals instead of the sump. I would love to do that on mine, but it only has the holes drilled for one, so I would need a gigantic cannister which would end up costing me more than just building the sump lol

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Thanks, guys. I really like this tank.

Unfortunately, it will have to sit empty for an additional period of time. I am not sure how long. I will write a blog post about this here in a minute.

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