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Took advantage of pet shop sales today.



Got four otos to try again. Maybe with some solient green Ill have more luck keeping them alive?

Also got some root tabs for the 10 gallon. I moved the big rock out and moved the tiger lily into the 10 gallon. It has holes in it and was losing leaves. Goldfish did not cause this damage I believe it is lack of iron. So added the root tabs. Hope it perks up. Noticing more algae then normal so got the ottos to help take care of that I hope. Ill do a picture today and then later to see if you all can tell any difference.

I also got some eye wash for Ryder. He has a eye that is always bothered by something so thought this might help. And I am putting Kia on food I make in the crock pot. She has skin problems. She scratches and there is nothing to scratch. She also has several placed on her the hair is thinner then the rest of her. She has just about always had that and many red areas. So making her some food to help with that instead of buying medicated shampoo that wont fix the problem just treat the systems.


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