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Time for musical tanks?



So, twice now I have come into my office to find my hermit crab Lance casually sitting on top of his tank :blink:

It's not a huge deal, as hermit crabs can survive just fine outside of their 'crabitats' for short periods....but still, I don't want a hermit crab wandering the house! Not to mention that if he ever gets brave enough to take the plunge from the tank to the floor, Prince might just eat him. So now I have to do some thinking.

I could try to find something to weigh the top of his tank down, but I'm leaning more toward doing a tank shuffle. I have an empty 40 gallon in my garage right now, so there's no shortage of space for everyone! I'm seriously considering upgrading my tropical community tank to the 40 gallon, but i'm worried about the weight of it here on the top floor of the house :hummm

Decisions, decisions......


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I think a 40 gallon would be fine on your floor. Wieghs less than a fridge does which is fine on most peoples floors....

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I have a 30 gallon on top of a very large old dresser (which is a fantastic tank stand since it solid wood) along with all my other tanks upstairs and the floor handles it fine! If you're worried you could always phone a contractor/hand man and ask them.

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Yes maybe I'll ask my brother in law, he's pretty handy! For now I have my piggy bank on top of Lance's tank....hopefully that will hold him.

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Ok, I just figured it all out, now I need to take a whole day to devote to a major tank shuffle!!!

Tropical fish go to the 40 gallon (whoop whoop!!!)

Newts to the 30 gallon

Crab to the 20 gallon

Frog to the acrylic 15 gallon

Lots of work, but it will be worth it!!

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