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QT is almost over!



Well my little fish may join the big guys this weekend! His QT has gone well, he handled the salt with no issues and learned to eat sinking pellets in just one day :)

He is still quite nervous and likes to hide behind the filter, but I think once he's with other fish that will change. I'm a little worried about putting him in with Penny and Darwin due to the size difference, but I think both are fairly peaceful and hopefully it won't be an issue. I'll keep a close eye for the first few days to be sure.

And no, little fish does not have a name yet :P


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awesome news hun.. i am sure he will do well with the others. big size differences in my totts tank didn't cause any problems at all :)

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I once had a very bad experience with a tiny fish like this one, but that was in the 'big George' days and he was a bully, I don't think my current fish will do the same. Fingers crossed!!!!

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