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Weighing in #4



So the gang has been eating Repashy for about 2 weeks and I wanted to see if it's made a difference in their weight:

Fluffy 59 grams

Hercule Poirot 21

Jelly Bean 9

Emma Goldman 17

on July 19,

Fluffy 56 grams

Hercule 18 grams

Emma 14

Jelly 9

Fluffy has been much less floaty since we switched to Repashy. They all seem to love it and are doing well if the weight gain is any indication. Jelly Bean has not put on any weight...it's kind of strange because I think he looks bigger...time will tell, I guess.

Today when I did the water change, I noticed some white 'grains of salt' on Fluffy and Hercule. I decided to dose with .1% salt. So I had to move the snails out to their own container. Here's a picture. They have a plant, a bubbler and a net so they won't crawl out. They look pretty happy. I've put some Repashy in there for food. They don't seem to have discovered its deliciousness yet.


That's the news from the Bubbles house for now!

Happy Weekend to you all!



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  • Regular Member

Great progress! :)

What snails do you have, MJ? Nerites will do fine in 0.1% salt. :)

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  • Regular Member

They are nerites!! That's good news! I was not looking forward to maintaining the snail habitat for a week.

I actually like the idea of small habitats in different parts of the house, but the maintenance seems a bit much.

Thanks for the good news, and all your contributions tot he fo, Alex.


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  • Supporter

they've all put 3 grams each except for Jelly. is Jelly at a disadvantage for feeding? ie, slower or sight impaired?

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