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Got one!

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Finally, I found a fish today!!!

Jim and I stopped into a local chain store that always has surprisingly nice goldies. They had a tank of baby ranchus, including some blues. I couldn't resist and I got one :heart

I doubt the color will last, but that's fine :)

I love buying the little ones like this and watching them grow up. Penny was the same size when I got her and completely orange!

Here's my happy self with my wee baby...no name yet


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Woot! Look at that smile. Somebody is very pleased! :rofl

:Congrats: Chrissy. I look forward to seeing more of the new baby! :)

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that smile is in every picture this woman takes! such a happy gal :)

gorgeous goldie! congratulations hun :heart

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I agree, Your smile hun, you look so happy!

Cant wait to see a closer shot of the little one :)

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Aww, great picture! Isn't it fun how a little fishy wiggle can make us so happy. :heart

I'm looking forward to more pictures. :)

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