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Still no fish!



I set up a QT tank over a week ago now, feeling like it was time to add a third fish to my tank...and I cannot find one!

I've been to five pet stores now and not a single one has anything but commons and fantails. It's like a fancy goldfish shortage or something! :rofl

I guess those were the big sellers for the summer with people stocking ponds, hopefully they'll get some other varieties in soon.

I did pick up a nice little apple snail that Jim named (get ready for it......) - Optimus Prime. Yes, my snail is a transformer. He is doing well, seems to be chowing down on all the algae that's accumulated since my BN pleco died a few months ago.

And on a hopeful note, we have an online bullitin board here at work and I see one of the biologists down the hall has 12 goldfish he's looking to rehome! I'm going to investiage, but I have the feeling they're big pond fish.


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I hate when you are finally ready for a new fish, and then cant find one! It sucks lol

Also....... LOVE the snails name. Men make up great names for animals..... hahaha

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  • Regular Member

My LFS owner told me that right now goldfish are actually what he calls 'out of season'. xD

He said fall is the bigger time for goldfish.

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  • Regular Member

I hope he's right!

I just went to my favorite lfs and was excited to see some new fish...but still nothing I wanted :(

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I was also told last weekend that a lot of goldfish aren't ordered in the warmer months due to the heat :(

Good luck in your quest :)

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