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'Garden' Update



My herb garden is coming along really nicely :) The seedlings from my compost pots of the last plant update started coming through the day before yesterday, except for the parsley which decided to be fashionably late. Yesterday morning the parsley had decided to put in an appearance. Left to right: Basil, chives, parsley, and the single pot is the oregano which is showing 4 seedlings to date.


The above picture was taking yesterday morning, by the time I got back from dropping the bf at the train station (about maybe 5 hours later?) another sixteen parsley seedlings had stuck their heads up and they're now competing with the basil for how many seedlings can we fit in a tiny pot. I am definitely going to have to thin these guys out before long!

I took this picture just now, unfortunately it's decided to be a pretty grim and grey Halloween so no sunshine in this one :( Left to right: parsley, chives, basil (rotated so they don't all grow sideways!) The chives are rocketing up too :) Not a huge change in the oregano yet, still at 4 little 2 leaved seedlings, a bit taller but nothing worth taking pictures of yet!


And this is my coriander (and a shop bought basil I got to add some to pizza - it was not happy and started melting the following 2 days but seems to be pulling back again now) and chilis (with parsley snippings poking in) from yesterday morning :) Both still doing well :) I like that when I come down my road I can see them poking their ways up the windows :)



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Wow, that's fantastic! I've asked for one of these things for Christmas so I can grow herbs indoors too, otherwise I just don't think the winter sunlight is going to cut it.

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That's great. I admire that you can start seeds. I seem to either drown them or leave them too long they dry up! Good on you!

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I looked at those Chrissy, but they look so overcrowded (not that my flowerpots won't do shortly...) and to be honest this is the first time in years I've actually been able to keep plants alive, which is probably why I'm so excited and telling everyone about them!

I like having them anyway CFG :) I live on my own and the goldfish tank and the plants really make the house feel so much more home-like and comfortable.

MJ - I use a pipette and a small glass of goldfish water, they literally get enough water to damp the soil once or twice a day, none sits on top in puddles - I have them on a sunny windowsill above a radiator so they dry out relatively fast.

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Awesome, I would love to have something like that, but I can imagine what my cats would do to the plants <_<''

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Basil loves to grow in the top of my pond filter in a pot of gravel sitting in the water. One plant had roots almost a foot long. This is great, because I have a terrible time growing it in in the ground. I'd grow it in the aquarium, but I don't have enough light.

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