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I might to to the lfs today and....



I want to re-plant my tropical tank and it just so happens that the best lfs in town for plants is also the best for goldies. I haven't been there in a long time so I have no clue what they have. I set this up....just in case ;)


Oh and I'm picking up the 'mystery tank' this evening...can't wait to see what I'm getting!


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May lady fortune smile upon you and anything you discover! I also second the demands for pics!

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Well I went to three lfs's last night and struck out! There were no fish that appealed to me. Mainly commons and teeny tiny fantails, no ranchus, pearlies or lionheads (what I'm interested in). I was especially disappointed with my old favorite store, the fish were in shocking condition...ulcers, tumors, etc.

On a brighter note I did get an apple snail at another store. I asked my mature, adult husband to name it. The snail is now known as Optimum Prime :rofl

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