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new unexpected tank!



So I got a call from my brother in law yesterday....his sister is back in town for a visit after moving away a few years ago and she has some pet supplies she needs to get rid of, as they have been sitting in their parent's house, getting in the way.

One item....a 40 gallon tank complete with all the accessories! He asked me if I wanted it and I immediately said no. I don't have the time or space for another tank. But then I saw the sister yesterday and after she twisted my rubber arm ;) I said yes.

So today the new tank will arrive! The question is...what to put in it.

As I said in my last post, Jim has been talking about getting a lizard so I may go with that. I'll have to see the tank first and evaluate what it would be suited for. I also need to make space in my zoo office for it. This one will bring the tank count up to 5 in that itty bitty room, eep!


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Thank you enablers :heart

Havne't seen the tank yet, I think it is at my sister's place. I'll go get it this weekend.

I'm leaning toward a chamelion, but I have to do some reasearch.

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Thank you enablers :heartHavne't seen the tank yet, I think it is at my sister's place. I'll go get it this weekend.I'm leaning toward a chamelion, but I have to do some reasearch.

You won't be keeping a chameleon in a tank, I hope!

Rule of thumb is chameleons are mesh cage lizards. They need lots of air flow. It's why they're so difficult, they need air flow and misting regularly. They are a HIGH difficulty reptile! xD

I don't know your experience level, but if you're just getting into it I highly suggest a leopard gecko. They are really a pleasure to own. I have mine in a 40gal. c:

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Thanks for the tips! I knew I'd read that some species really need the mesh style enclosures, just couldn't remember which. No chamelion then! I was saving up to buy a big terrarioum (mesh style) but now that I have a free tank, plans will change.

I was thinking about a gecko as well, I think Jim would like it. He has his heart set on a bearded dragon, but I'm not sure about the requriements and size....

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Tank requirements you're a-ok on. A 40gal breeder is very nice.

But bearded dragons are very hard, very time consuming pets.

Trust me I know! I've had mine for seven years now. I love him, but he is VERY difficult.

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Yes I figured, I honestly don't want a lizard. I like them but Jim is the one who wants one and I know for sure he will not be helping me to care for it. I think I'm going to do what I've wanted for a while now...build a nice vivarium type set up and get a white's tree frog or two :)

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omg tree frogs! Excellent. I love them so. <3

They're fascinating to watch. If you get them you'll have to post tons of pictures.

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