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I'm still alive!



Hi everyone :D

It's been a long Koko's break for me! I've really stopped spending as much time on the computer as I used to so finding time to stop in has been a little difficult :(

I've had to really focus on my job in the past few months, doing a lot of research these days. I've also been spending a lot of my spare time away from home. I'm back into working out the way I used to be when I was younger, so I'm putting in a lot of time at the gym. I'm also getting more involved in dog training, it's likely that I'll be teaching a few nights a week as of this fall :D I'm super excited about that!

BUT of course I still love my fishies :heart Penny and Darwin are doing great. I'm going to try and do a little photo shoot when I clean the tank later this week. I also spent a lot of time last night fixing up my tropical tank. I installed a new light, added fertilizer and refilled the CO2 canister in hopes of reviving the pathetic plants. I'm hoping to get them thriving again and then add some more fish - right now I'm down to just 3 cories and 3 black skirt tetras.

My other pets are all great. Jim has surprised me lately by expressing interest in getting some sort of lizard, maybe a bearded dragon or chamelion. We're in no rush but I'm thinking about setting something up. It would have to be in my office (a.k.a. 'the zoo') though, because Prince would definitly go insane to try and eat a lizard :rofl

Anyway, hopefully I'll be around the forums a little more soon :)


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Hi, Chrissy! Glad to hear from you. I'm glad things are going, though busy! We miss you, of course, and look forward to you spending some more time here :)

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nice of you to stop by and update :) we do miss you so don't stay away so long next time ;) looking forward to some photo shoot shots :)

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glad you were able to stop by :) Spending more time at the gym is a worthy reason for spending less time online!

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