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Setting up quarantine tank (for new fish!)



We're getting a new fish! Coming tomorrow! This guy: http://www.goldfishn...ils.asp?i=6970.

So I set up the quarantine tank tonight in preparation - bust out the old 29 gallon. Wipe it down with water and a paper towel, put it on the kitchen table, fill it all the way up, 5 gallons at a time.

Take one of the Aquaclears from the 50 gallon, make sure there's some cycled biomedia in there...

Put some plants in for cover, weigh them down...prime the Aquaclear...let's run it overnight!


Anyone catch what I missed?

30 seconds later - !!! - I forgot to add Prime!


Added it in, right in the filter, and some extra in the tank. Bah. Really kicking myself. Oh well - we'll just have to do some more water changes in the next week and a half.

Pictures - tomorrow!


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:Congrats: on your beautiful new fish. I'm extremely jealous, since I've wanted a black oranda for so long.

I do have several suggestions, if you don't mind.

1. Get a 10 gallon tub or tank to use a QT. You will thank yourself later for doing this, because I really encourage you to do daily WCs (50-100%), and a 10 gallon would be very amenable to frequent water changes. Don't worry, the fish won't be too large for the 10 gallons.

2. Start salting on this fish right away, and bring it to 0.3%. After a week, I would consider flukes treatment. His fish are housed outside in ponds, and with this being the height of summer, I bet there will be flukes and/or other external parasites. I would not go with the wait and see approach to QT on this one.

3. Definitely QT this fish for at least 4 weeks. Six weeks would be better :)

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Thanks for the advice!

Unfortunately, the other one received Gus (=D) while I was away at work, and I don't think she saw this. So he's in the 29 right now - but if it's just inconvenience in changing water - I'll live. Should we still move him otherwise? I wasn't sure if it'd be more stressful to move him now or what. Also, in about a week and a half, we have a wedding to go to, and will be away for a little under a week - perhaps the extra gallons'll be a little help then?

Otherwise, we put up the QT tank to 0.1% - we'll put it up to 0.3% by Friday. Wait one week, and then start the Prazi!

By the way, this is Gus!


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Don't judge him yet. He's so much cuter in person! When he isn't so shy and stressed from the shipment, we will take more pictures of him, and all will see!

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He's fantastic!

Of course the 29g is fine, as long as you are fine with the WCs. The 10g suggestion was only to try to help facilitate things. :)

Looking forward to more pics!

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