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Weighing in #3

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Today was weighing day at the Bubbles' house. I've been away for 6 weeks. The fish have been fed only twice a week while I was away, so I wanted to see what was going on. On my return I've noticed that Hercule has really grown - he seems almost as big as Fluffy! The other little ones have also grown a lot. Fluffy has been on a diet because of floatiness. I keep her away from the processed food when I feed the others. Fluffy gets veggies daily, and they all get bloodworms twice a week. It's clearly having an impact, because Fluffy has lost 4 grams, while the others have gained

So here's the results of today's weigh-in:

July 19,

Fluffy 56 grams - down 7%

Hercule 18 grams - up 38%

Emma 14 - up 21%

Jelly 9 - up 33%

On March 3,

Fluffy was 56 grams

Hercule was 11

Emma was 6

and Jelly was 6.

April 6, (6 weeks later)

Fluffy is 60 grams

Hercule is 13

Emma is 11

and Jelly is 6

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Ooh, that is really interesting, MJ. The babies must be hitting a stride in growth! :)

Thank you for this ongoing weighing program. It's very informative! :)

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