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I made the move!



This morning I finally moved my tropical tank. After watching the dog try to eat the fish one too many times, I decided it was the best thing to do. I know I could probably train him to stop with a LOT of work, but as I'm super busy, I've chosen to go with the management route :)

Anyway, I"m SUPER happy with the move! Now the fish are in my home office right now I can see my cories zooming up and down the tank, I love it!! :heart

The only bad thing is that when I moved the log with a TON of java fern on it, a lot of it detached so now the tank looks really bare. I'm sure it won't take long to regrow though (I put the stuff that came off in my newt tank).

Here's a pic of my new view. The bottom of the stand has my hermit crabs :)

(note the rolled up sheet on top of the trop tank...just in case Prince comes to visit, haha).



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That's a beautiful tank! How big is it?

I'm sure everyone will be happier without the drama of dog-trying-to-eat-fish!

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  • Regular Member

That's beautiful! Oh I an love that wrought iron stand! I keep seeing those on craigslist and they are so pretty, but I always wonder if they are really strong enough to hold a tank up. :D

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I had my doubts about the stand but I've been using it for years now, it's strong! The only issue is it can wobble (which is why the dog jumping on it was scary!!!)

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